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Two French Braids Hairstyles

If you’ve been spending any time looking at the internet’s favorite beauty pages, you’ve probably noticed that the two french braids hairstyle is still enjoying tons of popularity. For ladies with everything from bobs to waist-length locks, two French braids can take you everywhere from a day at the gym to something as special as your wedding.
To do two french braids, first, divide your hair into the two sections to be braided. At the start of one section (usually closest to your hairline) divide hair into three strands and complete a few stitches of a normal three strand braid, then continue braiding by adding loose hair into each section of the braid before you cross it over. By picking up hair as you go, you’ll be creating a braid that is attached to your head instead of freely hanging. Once you’ve completed a section, secure with an elastic, repeat on the other side, and your two french braids are complete!

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