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25 nuevos peinados cortos y rectos 2018

Many ladies are craving for long straight hair, but what they don’t know is that short straight hair is a babe. It gives not only a fresh look, but also an elegant and edgy look. Besides, you can always look beautiful, even when you don’t have a desire to manage your hair. Short straight hairstyles also fit every face. Are you interested enough to have this kind of hairstyles? We know you are! That’s why we want to provide 25 best short straight hairstyles 2018 for you to try Everything is all about layers this year. Trendy short straight hairstyles mostly play with layers. It can be for pixie and bob cuts. If you who want to look fresh, you can choose between trendy layered, modern, short pixie, very short pixie, long pixie, textured layered pixie, razored pixie, long layered, platinum and fiery pixie cut.

Peinado Recomendado!

50 mejores cortes de pelo Pixie para 2018

Hay muchas maneras diferentes de probar el cabello corto. Cada mujer quiere encontrar su propio …

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