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15 cortes Pixie Cortos para el cabello Fino

You must be grateful to have fine hair because this kind of hair will fit many hairstyles, including short pixie cuts. These cuts will give you an edgy and fabulous look. If you need an inspiration to choose which hairstyle you want to apply on your fine hair, we are here to help you! These are 15 short pixie cuts you can pick for your fine hair. If you want to look edgy and fun, you can choose pixie with root fade, short choppy pixie, messy pixie, ash blonde pixie or sunny blonde chopped pixie as your haircut. Pixie with root fade is one of trendy haircuts. Beautiful hair color with dark roots fading into light will make your day. You can also choose sunny blonde chopped pixie to get a younger look. If you want any simple cuts, short choppy and ash blonde pixie will give you that. To make it chic, you can cut your hair into messy pixie. This style is so light and has a good volume. Those who want to be bold and striking can choose short pixie undercut, ash blonde undercut pixie, sweeping pixie with undercut and layered pixie with nape undercut. You can get these styles by shaving two sides of your hair and adding more volume on the top. To make it perfect, you can choose ash blonde as the color of your hair. If you want to cover the side of your face, you can pick sweeping pixie or layered pixie for your hairstyle.

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